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What Is Simplifly?

Now you can manage the workflow of your staffing agency from a single technology platform. Simplifly removes time consuming double-entry procedures that cost you money and cause mistakes. With Simplifly, you can track workers through each stage of the process from the moment they apply to your agency to their job assignment with one of your clients.

Simplifly Your Systems And Workflow

Eliminate the hassle of duplicate entries.

Online Applicant Recruitment

Manage your applications online and begin tracking every recruit in your system as they move through each stage of the process.

Employee Placement Tracking

Manage your employee's placement history and relevant skills to a given job opening at a glance.

Client Payroll/Billing

Quickly calculate and invoice your clients through Simplifly. Importing and Exporting report features readily available to you.

Claims Reporting And Tracking

Easily manage your company's claims. Simplifly makes it easy to maintain communication, documentation, and compliance.


Simplifly your sales and Internal staff's workflow by strengthening your teams communication, all on a single system.

Simplifly Benefits

  • Better Productivity
  • Fully-Integrated Staffing Solution
  • Your Team Working In The Same Software, On The Same Page

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Why Simplifly?

In working with the staffing industry over the last decade, we listened to your requests for a software solution that would eliminate the need for multiple software solutions to run your staffing company. We The Corporate Advocate, created Simplifly for this reason. Our clients tell us it has made them more efficient, more profitable and allowed them to grow their companies.

The Corporate Advocate

The Corporate Advocate is dedicated to creating technology tools that help our clients effectively manage the systems in their business while reducing costs to their company’s bottom line.

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The TCA team has been an incredible partner to our growing company.
Geneva M.-HFC Solutions, Inc.
TCA walked me through everything. It's been fantastic.
David K.-Arena Staffing
They literally drop everything to assist, and help you.
Sandra T.-Diversity Business Solutions, Inc.

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