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Simplify is an all-in-one staffing software, CRM, and ATS built to supercharge your staffing agency. We’ve built our recruiting and staffing software solutions to provide a single solution for all your staffing needs.

Our cloud-based staffing CRM and staffing ATS systems allow for the ultimate ease of use user experience built to optimize your staffing agency. With no long-term contracts and affordable monthly subscriptions available for unlimited users, there is no better staffing software out there. Anyone on your staff can access your account anywhere as long as they have internet access.

We’re simplifying how you manage your staffing, recruiting, and more!

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Why Simplifly?

For over ten years, we have been working closely with staffing agencies to help them find new ways to optimize and innovate their entire staffing operations. We took all of that experience and knowledge and packed it into our comprehensive and state-of-the-art staffing software. Our platform mirrors your entire workflow from staffing back office to the recruiter to invoicing. It’s all covered in Simplify.

Simplify Your Workflow

Eliminate the need for redundancies with our revolutionary recruiting software! We have solutions for each departments.

Sales CRM

In an instant, your sales time can send a quote to a new client with our simple to use platform. Once they accept your quote, they’ll instantly be transferred to client status in your staffing CRM.

Applicant Recruitment Made Easy

Our state-of-the-art staffing ATS allows you to manage and simplify the way you find new talent. Search applicants with a few short clicks or post a new job in seconds with our recruiting and staffing software solutions.

Employee Placement Tracking Simplified

Simplify allows you to quickly communicate with applicants, candidates, and employees directly from our innovative software. You’ll know the status of every job, be able to assign tasks quickly, and more with our staffing ATS software.

Billing Revolutionized

We’ve created a seamless billing experience right in our staffing software. You can import your employee’s hours with 1,000 transactions in under 2 minutes. We’ve revolutionized invoicing for the staffing industry!

Match Job Orders In Seconds

Our proprietary matchmaking algorithm allows you to fill job orders quickly from your staffing ATS. Simply tag specific skills, languages, and shifts to candidates and filter for the best match for every job order!

Hassle-Free Onboarding

Simplify’s paperless onboarding gives every candidate a hassle-free, easy-to-use experience. We make hiring the perfect application easy. You’ll have their paperwork completed entirely electronically in minutes!

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What makes Simplifly different from every
other software on the market?

Sales / CRM

With the click of a button allows your sales team to accurately quote a new prospect and issue a professional proposal. When your prospect says yes, another click of a button hands them off to your recruiters.

Client Billing

Seamlessly import your employee’s hours from your timekeeping software. Easily create customized invoices for your clients. Works with your third party payroll software provider through API integration or CSV export feature.

Employee Placement Tracking

Easily communicate with your applicants, candidates and employees with our software’s text messaging feature. Track all movement and activity, with click and move workflows while keeping accurate notes at your recruiters finger tips.

Online Applicant Recruitment

Easily post open positions to your website and social media. Your applicants can apply from online, their phones and even from kiosks in your lobby.

Claims Reporting And Tracking

Easily manage your company’s claims. Simplifly makes it easy to maintain communication, documentation, and compliance.

Mobile Apps

100% cloud-based application that includes mobile apps for iOS & Android.Next level new hire paperless onboarding  through the mobile app.