Staffing software solutions built to revolutionize the way you operate.

Have your entire team working in one software seamlessly!

Our innovative staffing software was designed around the flow of your operations to streamline your processes and help avoid double entry while eliminating errors. This state-of-the-art approach means that every process you complete within the platform builds on top of the previous, therefore saving your team time and money.

At Simplify Staffing, we custom-build and personalize our software solutions specific to the needs of each client company rather than the candidate. This means you can assign the same person to many different clients with different pay rates, and our cutting-edge staffing CRM and software will calculate everything accurately without slowing down your productivity.

A monthly software subscription
service worth every penny!

Our SimpliflySoftware is packed full of innovation features that take your business to new heights every time you use it!

Blazing Fast Web Applications

Our platform can be easily integrated directly into your existing website, so there’s no need to worry about installing a new web application. Your applicants can apply right online, from their phones, and even kiosks in your lobby without losing a second of time or money on your staffing back-office person-hours. Once completed, a thank you email is sent instantly to the applicant while populating their profile for your recruiter to be able to start the screening process. Available in both English and Spanish.

Comprehensive Applicant Screening

Your recruiter can easily view people who’ve applied, assign them to team members, and keep up to date on the progress of every applicant right from our cutting-edge staffing CRM platform. Review information submitted by the applicant, add notes, tags, and reminders from the interview without ever losing data. Everything is date and time stamped with each person’s notes, so anyone can quickly jump in and help complete or answer any questions the applicant may have. 

Candidate Pool Simplified

We categorize every candidate into three categories: Current, Legacy, and Assigned. This helps you know who is working, who is active and needs to be placed, and who has not been touched in 30 days so you can reach out and update their profile.

Super simple job fulfillment

Fill every job quickly and efficiently with our cutting-edge Matchmaking algorithm. You can tag specific needs for every position, such as skills, languages, and shifts, to match the perfect candidate to every job. Easily filter and sort candidates while tracking which recruiters are placing which employees. Job fulfillment and tracking have never been more effortless than it is with Simplifly’s Staffing Software.

Prospect Tracking

Know where you are in the process of every new prospect client, through our comprehensive prospect tracking. Add notes, attachments, and create tasks for next-step reminders, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Client Tracking

Our client tracking portal allows you to create additional tabs that are designed to streamline your operations. Attach the contract, document any notes inside their file, create tasks, and follow up action items seamlessly right from the same place.

Pricing Management

Have different markups for New Hires vs. Referrals or Clerical Positions? Our system allows you to make as many pricing classifications as needed for each client. Charge a different % for OT or Sick Time? Our unique algorithm will enable you to customize it for each client. That way, you can set it and forget it, knowing that it will apply that to all future invoices.

Detailed Reporting

Create custom reports for every client and candidate with a few simple clicks of a mouse. Pull the data you want, how you want it, and when you need it.

Invoice Billing

Seamlessly import your employee’s hours with 1000 transactions in under 2 minutes or manually enter them one at a time. Our recruiting and staffing software solutions help you easily create client invoices while at the same time creating a CSV export for your payroll software provider.

Funding Reports

Save time and money on back-office workforce with our state-of-the-art funding reports. Send multiple invoices at once, with additional backup such as time cards right to your funding company.

Tasks Tracking

Keep your team organized by creating customized workflows. Assign tasks to other team members, get pop-up reminders when items are due, and easily attach all documents and notes. When a task is completed, it stays in the candidate or client file. All your data in one place. It doesn’t get better than that!

Available Simplifly Add-On Features

Quick Quote

With the click of a button, your sales team can accurately quote a new prospect in minutes. When your prospect says yes, they quickly get transferred as a client to start filling job orders.


Keep track of the claims process, attach documents, add notes, and set reminders.

Lighting Fast On-Boarding

No more 3rd party plug ins. Our revolutionary paperless onboarding helps improve the candidate experience and accelerates your productivity for new hires and recruiters. Simple Sign E-signature, powered by Simplifly proprietary software, makes it easy for new hires to complete the necessary paperwork electronically, via the web, or their mobile device. Quick, simple, and mobile-friendly.

Text Messaging

Easily communicate with your candidates and employees with our software’s text messaging feature. With Simplifly’s integrated two-way text (SMS) messaging feature, you can now interact with your candidates in a personal manner and in real-time.