Recruiters are usually under pressure in search of top talent. But thanks to recruiting software, the process of sourcing, tracking, interviewing, hiring and onboarding talents are getting more easy and streamlined.   

Here are the top 10 staffing software in 2019.  



Simplifly is a comprehensive, fully-featured suite of staffing solution tools that helps you streamline the process of recruitment, tracking, payroll, and sales. It’s 100% cloud-based, has mobile apps for both iOS and Android and it’s FREE. 

2.Zoho Recruit 

 Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system and staffing software that helps you manage the entire tedious process of finding, tracking and hiring the best candidates for your company. It automates your entire recruitment and staffing routine tasks such as sending emails, updating interview status and more. 


RecruiterBox is an applicant tracking system and open-source recruitment software that seamlessly receives and manages job applications to your company. 

With this software, you can easily source a variety of candidates, manage resumes, manage your career website and generate reports on your recruiting efforts. 


This recruitment software helps you sort out applications of candidates to your company. It is cloud-based and is used to recruit staff,  manage resumes and job applicants and interview process. 


Crelate is an all-in-one, full-featured application tracking system and customer relationship management built uniquely for professional recruiting agencies.  

The recruiting software has a modern user interface and comes with features such as flexible workflows, candidate portals, mobile access, client submittals, email tracking, outlook integration and more. 


This staffing software provides a cloud based flexible talent management platform that takes care of all your HR-related activities and employee management.  

It includes tools and features for acquiring talent, onboarding, payroll, reporting, performance reviews, time and attendance, and succession planning. 

7.Akken Cloud 

 AkkenCloudis a cloud-based, comprehensive staffing and recruiting software. The enterprise platform is used mainly by staffing agencies to manage candidates and their recruitment processes.  


 Bullhorn is the global leading force in customer relationship management.  

It is a cloud-based, recruitment software used by staffing agencies to track applicants, build customer relationships, drive sales and enable recruitment processes. 


Avionte Staffing Software offers robust, ALL-IN-ONE staffing and recruitment software solutions which include an ATS and CRM.   

They also provide recruiting, onboarding, payroll, billing and business intelligence for light industrial, IT, clerical and other staffing firms. 


ClearCompany is a comprehensive recruiting software that offers a talent management platform making it easy for the transition of talent applicants to new hires and productive employees.  

It comes with a fully-featured suite of tools that makes the onboarding process of your new employees a seamless one.